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Gum swelling due to braces / Gusi bengkak pada saat perawatan kawat gigi



Swollen gums are actually one of the most common things happen because of braces,  but in most cases,  a few habit changes and proper cleaning techniques can alleviate the irritation that cause swollen gums. Ceramic or metal brackets cemented to your teeth and threaded with wires make thorough toothbrushing a bit more challenging than it used to be. However, cleaning your teeth to remove bacteria is still as important as it’s always been, because bacterial plaque can lead to gum inflammation, the first stages of which are red, bleeding, and swollen gums. Unfortunately, puberty hormones can also escalate gum disease in young orthodontic patients.

Puffy Gums with Braces | Braces Swelling of Gums | Orthodontic gums

The best way to avoid swollen gums is by keeping your teeth and braces clean. We recommend the following:

  1. An electric toothbrush with a special orthodontic head or manual toothbrush for orthodontic treatment. Brush your teeth for 2 minutes, 2 times a day, or more if gums are really swollen.
  2. Use interproximal brushesand floss threader to clean under and around the wires.
  3. A water flosser such as waterpik that washes out food debris from the gums is also very helpful.
  4. Follow that up with a daily antimicrobial mouthwash like Listerine, and optionally mix a half teaspoon of salt with warm water and rinse your mouth with it to reduce inflammation.


Dental Implant Surgery Step by Step

Most dental implant surgery procedures are performed in the dentist’s office and local anesthesia is usually adequate for these out-patient procedures. As an initial surgical step, the dentist will need to access to bone in the region where the implant will be placed. To do so they’ll first use a scalpel and score incisions in the overlying gum tissue and expose the bone underneath. Once the bone has been accessed, the dentist will use a series of drills, each of increasing diameter, to prepare a hole into which the dental implant will ultimately be placed. Once the hole has been properly shaped, the dentist can go ahead and insert the dental implant into the jawbone. Finally, close the surgical side and wait for 3 months. Once an adequate healing period has elapsed, the implant can have its final dental restoration fabricated and placed. This might be a dental crown, bridge or denture. Despite decades of clinical and scientific research, dental implants do not have a 100% success rate. However, the success rates have improved dramatically since the introduction of dental implant surgery and the dental profession can proudly report success rates well above 90% for most implant patients. Similarly, long-term success rates are in the high 90% range and are likewise improving. When a dental implant has not successfully integrated, it may need to be removed, as it cannot easily be “converted” to osseointegrate. Your dentist will give you best advice about this. A replacement implant can be placed but it may require some months of healing time and possibly bone augmentation.


Case Report : Root Canal Treatment on Wisdom Tooth 48

Case :

A mid-age lady came to my office with a concern of big hole in the molar tooth resulting in very sharp pain for the last 3 days. Visual examination showed a very deep cavity with exposed pulp tissue. After give some injection to kill the pain, root canal treatment performed with medication of clindamycin paste inside the canal and leave it for 3 days. Second appointment did the root canal filling under rubber dam isolation. And the pain completely gone.


Mariani 48 f      Mariani 48s20151027_100208_0000

Herpes simplex virus in the mouth / Virus herpes simplex di dalam mulut

herpes3      herpes 2



herpes simplex virus are categorized into two types : herpes type 1 (HSV -1), or oral herpes and herpes type 2 (HSV -2), or genital herpes. Herpes type 1, which is transmitted through oral secretions or sores on the skin, can be spread through kissing or sharing objects such as toothbrushes or eating utensils, infected razors, towels, and other shared items and both HSV-1 and HSV-2 can be spread even if sores are not present. Herpes type 1 that causes cold sores and fever, blisters in and around the mouth. The blisters can break and appear as tiny, shallow, grey ulcers on a red base. A few days later, they become crusted or scabbed and appear drier and more yellow. Before the blisters appear, the skin may tingle, itch, or burn for a day or so. In rare cases, as when someone’s immune system is severely compromised, this virus can cause infection of the brain (encephalitis).

Although there is no cure for herpes, treatments can relieve the symptoms. Medication can decrease the pain related to an outbreak and can shorten healing time. They can also decrease the total number of outbreaks. Medicine used to treat such as acyclovir, famciclovir, or valacyclovir


Virus herpes simplex ada 2 macam yaitu  : herpes tipe 1 (HSV -1), atau herpes pada mulut dan herpes tipe 2 (HSV -2), atau herpes pada organ reproduksi. Herpes tipe 1, dapat menular melalui kontak secara langsung dengan luka, atau dapat ditularkan pada saat berciuman, saling bertukar sikat gigi, alat makan, alat cukur, handuk dan yang lainnya. Meskipun tidak terlihat adanya luka tetapi virus ini masih dapat menular. Herpes tipe 1 dapat menyebabkan demam, luka yang melepuh di dalam dan di luar mulut. Luka yang melepuh dapat pecah dan menjadi luka yang berwarna abu-abu dengan dasar kemerahan. Dalam beberapa hari akan mengering dan berwarna kuning. Sebelum luka melepuh muncul maka kulit akan terasa gatal dan terbakar. Pada beberapa kasus, virus ini dapat menginfeksi otak.

Meskipun tidak ada obat untuk herpes, pengobatan dilakukan untuk menekan gejala dari herpes. Obat-obatan dapat mencegah gejalanya dan mempercepat penyembuhan. Obat-obatan yang sering dipakai adalah anti virus seperti acyclovir, famciclovir, or valacyclovir


Case report : Root canal retreatment

Hello readers,

Root Canal treatment (RCT) has become the standard of care in restoring compromised teeth back to form and function. One of the common causes of failure of RCT is under filled or missed root canals. And today I want to share one of my case about the retreatment because of RCT’s failure. A girl came to my office concerning about her tooth still have swelling and pain after the RCT had been done. The radiograph was take to comfirmed the previous RCT had underfill of obturation on a maxillary central incisor which the swelling origin. Inadequate abturation in root canal can lead to untreated root canal spaces, which in turn acts for bacterial contamination and failure of treatment. After the retreatment on maxillary central incisor of root canal, there was no swelling and pain that been reported.


How to choose the right toothbrush?

Sometimes, it’s not easy. There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to purchasing a toothbrush, which makes it difficult to know what to look for. And here are some general tips on what to look for  :

  • Small brush head and well-designed bristles : it should allow you easy access to all surfaces of your teeth. For most adults, a toothbrush head a half-inch wide and one-inch tall will be the easiest to use and the most effective.
  • Soft bristles: Your toothbrush should have soft bristles that are gentle on your teeth and gums.
  • Don’t buy no-name dollar-store toothbrushes : Five no-name toothbrushes in a package may seem like a steal at a handful of pennies each, but consider the risks. The product could be from a manufacturer who doesn’t care about safety or efficacy. The toothbrushes could be made of unsafe materials.

what is self-ligating braces

Standard braces use rubber bands to hold the wire onto your braces. Self-ligating braces are made from the same materials as standard braces but do not require rubber band to hold the wire because it have unique clip or movable door to hold the wire in place. Both standard braces and self-ligating braces will achieve the same results but the benefit of self-ligating are: you will find easier to clean your teeth because self-ligating braces doesn’t need rubber bands and bands trap food. You need fewer dental office’s visit because self-ligating braces doesn’t require tightened and bands reposition to pull on teeth to move them, faster alignment, less pain, and you can get your braces off sooner.

Orthodontic Treatment in Batam

Apa yang dimaksud dengan perawatan Orto? Apakah ortodontis itu?

ortho 1 aligner 1

removable ortho

ceramic braces

Mungkin banyak orang masih asing dengan istilah “Perawatan Orto” atau “Ortodontis” . Dan pertanyaan yang paling banyak di masyarakat adalah:

Apa ortodontis sama dengan dokter gigi?  Dan apa yang mereka lakukan?

Mengapa aku perlu perawatan ortodontik?

Apa ada batasan umur untuk perawatan tersebut?


Ortodontis sebenarnya adalah dokter gigi yang dilatih khusus untuk membuat susunan gigi anda lebih baik. Mereka belajar dan dilatih selama 3-4 tahun untuk merawat berbagai macam keadaan gigi pasien sehingga bisa menyandang gelar spesialis. Perawatan orto (ortodontik) adalah perawatan yang dilakukan oleh ortodontis atau dokter gigi umum dengan menggunakan kawat gigi (atau orang sering menyebutnya “behel”). Alat tersebut adalah alat yang paling umum dipakai ortodontis tetapi kawat gigi tidak selalu berupa “kawat”

Kebanyakan orang datang ke ortodontis untuk mendapatkan susunan gigi yang rapi. Jelas kalau susunan gigi yang rapi membuat senyum orang lebih indah dan mebuat orang tersebut lebih terlihat menarik. Tetapi selain itu susunan gigi yang teratur juga membuat membersihkan gigi menjadi lebih mudah sehingga gigi dan gusi anda tetap sehat. Susunan gigi yang tepat juga membantu anda mengunyah lebih baik dan artinya membantu tubuh anda secara keseluruhan menjadi sehat.


Umur ideal anak datang ke ortodontis adalah 7 tahun, untuk berkonsultasi apakah perlu perawatan ortodontik atau tidak. Tetapi perawatan ini tidak terbatas untuk anak-anak saja. Remaja dan orang dewasa pun bisa menerima perawatan ortodontik dengan tingkat kesuksesan yang tinggi. Jadi tidak ada batasan umur untuk memiliki senyum indah.


Kami yakin masih banyak pertanyaan di benak anda berhubungan dengan perawatan orto. Untuk mendapatkan jawaban detil mengenai pertanyaan-pertanyaan anda, anda bisa menghubungi tim kami secara langsung.

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Dokter Gigi di Batam / Dentist in Batam

Dokter Gigi di Batam / Dentist in Batam

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