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Why Do We Have Morning Breath? / Mengapa Mulut Bau Ketika Bangun Tidur?

Ever wonder why your breath reeks after a night of sleep? “Everyone has morning breath to some degree,” says Sally J. Cram, DDS, a periodontist in the Washington, D.C., area and a consumer adviser for the American Dental Association. Here’s the simple reason why: When you sleep, your mouth dries out. When your mouth dries out, odor-producing bacteria proliferate. “When you sleep, your normal flow of saliva decreases,” Dr. Cram explains. “That’s why your breath can be worse in the morning.”

If you snore or breathe through your mouth at night, you’re more likely to have bad breath in the morning than those who don’t, she adds. In both situations, your mouth is even more prone to drying out, setting the stage for bacteria to grow.

Odor-causing bacteria accumulate between your teeth and on your tongue, so practicing good dental hygiene will do a lot to improve your morning breath. When you brush, be sure to do so for at least two minutes, not the 35 or 40 seconds that many people do. After you brush, go directly to bed! “Don’t eat or drink anything so you’re not leaving food in your mouth,” Cram says.

Also, when you brush your teeth, brush your tongue too. Another favorite repository for odor-causing bacteria is the back of your tongue. You’ll notice your breath is fresher in the morning if you brush your tongue before you go to bed.

“Eighty-five percent of bad breath comes from the tongue,” says New York dentist Irwin Smigel, DDS, the president and founder of the American Society for Dental Aesthetics. “It really helps tremendously to use a tongue cleanser before you go to sleep, or anytime during the day.”

Brushing alone won’t remove the food particles that can become stuck between your teeth and gums. “Flossing is as important as brushing,” says Kimberly Harms, DDS, a dentist in Farmington, Minn., and a spokeswoman for the American Dental Association. Mouthwash will get rid of the odor but only temporarily. Cram suggests that when you are buying mouthwash to kill the germs that can cause bad breath, you look for one that has a seal of approval from the American Dental Association.

A quick swish won’t do it. If the directions say rinse for 30 seconds, then rinse for 30 seconds. “The mouth rinse has to be in there long enough to kill the bacteria,” Dr. Harms advises. “Rinse for five to ten seconds, you’re not getting the full effect. The trick is you have to follow directions.”

Mengapa nafas menjadi bau setelah bangun tidur pada pagi hari? Setiap orang pasti memiliki masalah dengan bau mulut. Hal ini disebabkan karena ketika kita tidur, mulut kita menjadi kering sehingga bakteri yang menyebabkan bau mulut berkembang. “Ketika tertidur, aliran saliva menjadi menurun,” Dr. Cam, seorang periodontist di Washington, D.C., menerangkan.

Ketika anda bernafas melalui mulut atau mendengkur saat tidur pada malam hari, anda akan memiliki bau mulut yang lebih buruk daripada yang tidak mendengkur. Hal ini disebabkan karena mulut akan lebih kering sehingga bakteri lebih banyak berkembang.

Bakteri penyebab bau mulut berkembang pada gigi dan pada lidah, jadi kebersihan mulut harus terjaga dengan baik. Usahakan untuk menyikat gigi lebih dari 2 menit, jangan hanya 30-45 detik saja. Setelah menyikat gigi, langsung tidur jangan makan atau minum lagi.

Ketika menyikat gigi, sikat juga lidah anda. Karena tempat yang disukai bakteri penyebab bau mulut adalah daerah belakang lidah. Nafas anda akan lebih segar pada pagi hari jika anda menyikat lidah anda sebelum pergi tidur.

” 85% bau mulut disebabkan karena lidah yang kotor,” hal ini disampaikan oleh dokter gigi dari New York yaitu Irwin Smigel, DDS.

Menyikat gigi saja tidak akan membersihkan makanan yang tertinggal pada gigi dan gusi. Karena itu menggunakan benang gigi juga penting. Penggunaan obat kumur untuk menghilangkan bau mulut hanya bersifat sementara saja. Menurut dokter Cram gunakkanlah obat kumur yang telah disetujui oleh American Dental Association. Kumur-kumur selama 30 detik agar dapat membunuh bakteri yang ada.