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Case report

A 39-year-old man came to us for evaluation and treatment for his front tooth. Extraoral tissue investigation was normal. Intraoral investigation revealed there was slighty swelling og gingiva around the broken tooth due to calculus. A clinical diagnosis of irreversible pulpitis was established. After administering local anesthesia, we did endodontic treatment to this tooth. Single visit endodontic done continued with fiber post to make a core build up in this tooth in order to prepare it for a crown. Since this is front tooth, patient decided to have a full porcelain crown instead of porcelain fused to metal crown for aesthetic reason. The next week, he came again to have the crown fixed. This condition needs only 2 sessions and one week time.


Case Report

This lady come to my office with the concern of the gap between the central front teeth. After some discussion I give 2 options which are : orthodontic braces and direct veneer.

First option is orthodontic braces which will give perfect result without changing teeth dimension. Disadvantages are more expensive cost, longer duration of treatment, and the discomfort that will follow braces treatment.

So the lady goes to 2nd option which is direct veneer int he front teeth. With this direct veneer method, we can achieve a good result in an instant time, will take around 30 minutes to finish. Firstly, I take Pre-op picture, then do the preparation by trimming tooth surface. then all the procedure ( etching, bonding, application of composite veneer ) is done, I polished the veneer to have a smooth and a bit glossy look, and take Post-op picture. After treatment, instruction of maintenance was told and the lady came out from my office with more confident big smile.