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Should I remove my wisdom tooth?

Your dentist says you need to have your wisdom tooth taken out. But they don’t hurt, you think, so why remove it?

Now, let’s begin with what is wisdom tooth ? The wisdom tooth is third molar that you have in the back of the other molars and grow in the age of early twenty or end of teens. Wisdom tooth often don’t grow properly. The tooth could be stuck or impacted or it could be growing at an angle to next tooth and they can damage the next tooth. Impacted wisdom tooth also can cause problems with chewing and gums problems. That’s why some dentist take out healthy third molars to prevent problems later on. So just because your wisdom tooth aren’t a source of pain doesn’t mean there’s nothing wrong.

In general, it’s best to have wisdom tooth taken out between ages 16 and 22. When you are younger, the wisdom tooth not fully formed and still not firmly rooted in the jaw, so the sooner we taken out wisdom teeth the fewer complication and risks.

If your dentist recommends surgery, don’t wait. Because I often sees patients who have cavities in their impacted wisdom teeth and the next teeth. In that cases, you might end up losing eight molar instead of four.