Pregnant moms and pregnancy tumor / ibu hamil dan tumor yang disebabkan oleh horman kehamilan

Not many people know that hormonal change during pregnancy actually increase an expectant mother’s risks of developing gingivitis. If a woman already has gingivitis, becoming pregnant can significantly worsen it, and even cause “tumors” to appear on the gumline- therefore dental treatment may become more important.

In most cases, inflammation of gums will appear between second and eighth month of pregnancy. The gums will look more red-looking and slightly bleed when brushed. To prevent gingivitis while pregnant, it is very important to maintain proper oral hygiene habits, including brushing at least twice a day, flossing once per day and rinsing with mouthwash. Go to your dentist to route check up.

If you have gingivitis while you are pregnant, it is possible for you to develop a “pregnancy tumor” as well, but it wont be cancerous, nor should it spread. A pregnancy tumor is simply an extreme inflammatory reaction to irritation of the gums that occurs in roughly 10% of pregnant women. Usually pregnancy tumor grow in the gum tissue as a large red lump, and make it difficult to eat or speak. Treatment for a pregnancy tumor is not always necessary. Most of the time, will disappear after baby is born. on the other hand, you may need your dentist to remove it.

Tidak banyak orang yang tahu bahwa perubahan hormon pada saat kehamilan dapat meningkatkan resiko ibu terhadap keradangan gusi. Apabila keradangan gusi ini dibiarkan saja, maka dapat menyebabkan gusi membesar seperti tumor – karena itu perawatan gusi dan gigi sangat penting pada saat masa kehamilan.

Pada banyak kasus, keradangan gusi dapat terlihat diantara bulan ke 2-8 masa kehamilan. Gusi akan terlihat lebih kemerahan dari warna normal dan akan berdarah pada saat menyikat gigi. Untuk mencegah keradangan gusi pada saat kehamilan, sangat penting untuk menyikat gigi sebanyak dua kali sehari, menggunakan floss sebanyak sekali sehari, dan berkumur dengan mouthwash. Kunjungi dokter gigi untuk kontrol rutin.



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